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Skyland Innovation

Skyland Innovation is dedicated to integrating the most advanced robotics and 3D reconstruction technologies to provide infrastructure for the digitization of space, helping humans and robots interact with space in the future.

We are the first team invested and incubated by HKCRC (HKUST) led by Prof. LI Zexiang. Our colleagues have extensive experience in robotics engineering with 10+ publications in top journals.

The team members of Skyland Innovation all come from top universities and renowned companies, among which 80% are researchers and developers. We maintain strong connections with industry partners supported by the Hong Kong Center for Construction Robotics (HKCRC) and have collaborated on over 40 benchmarking construction projects in Hong Kong (e.g. West Kowloon Palace Museum).

We have verified our solutions in the smart construction industry and entered the low rate initial production (LRIP) phase, ready for a breakthrough. We will continue to expand the boundaries of experience in digitalized space.

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