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【Show Case】Underground Parking Lot

Skyland exploring application of metacam by using it in underground car park.

By utilizing MetaCam to scan car parks, operators can create highly accurate digital replicas of the parking structures. These digital twins provide a comprehensive view of the car park's layout, occupancy, and traffic flow. With real-time data captured by MetaCam, operators can gain valuable insights into parking patterns, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to enhance efficiency and customer experience.

The high-resolution scanning capability of MetaCam ensures precise and detailed 3D models of the car park environment. This enables operators to assess capacity, optimize parking space allocation, and implement effective traffic management strategies. By simulating various scenarios within the digital twin, operators can proactively identify potential issues and devise solutions to streamline operations.

As the demand for efficient parking solutions continues to grow, MetaCam plays a crucial role in optimizing car park operations. Its seamless integration with digital twin technology empowers operators to make data-driven decisions, maximize resource utilization, and deliver an enhanced parking experience for customers.


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